We offer consulting in a range of areas:

Evaluation of new technology components

we work with several manufacturers to evaluate new technologies, for example SiC and GaN, to ensure that the new devices will be readily accepted in the market. this includes:-

  1. data sheet evaluation.
  2. performance benchmarking in lab.
  3. research potential applications.
  4. suggestions to optimise useability.

Exisiting designs

Problem Solving in existing Switched Mode Power Supplies:

Our extensive experience in a wide range of power levels and applications means we have always been able to find solutions for technical problems or issues in customer's designs.

Typical problems include:

1. Reliability (why are some components failing?)
2. Over Temperature (Issues with thermal design).
3. EMI (suppression and avoidance of EMI problems)
4. Poor efficiency (why is the actual efficiency below the spec?)

The work has 3 stages:

1. Full analysis of the problem including measurements and design review with the customer.
2. Discussion of proposed corrective actions.
3.  Verification of corrections.

Initially a basic paper analysis of the design is performed, looking at component tolerances, voltage and current stress to identify areas that need further investigation.  Critical areas will then be analysed in depth to assess the design margins.

A list of potential solutions will then be evaluated with the customer, size, cost, amount of change and risk will be discussed.  The selected ideas will then be tested in a reworked unit and then introduced into the product with normally layout changes.

Finally the redesigned unit will be verified to ensure that everything works as planned.


When more power is needed in the original footprint, or new markets require different input voltage ranges, it is often easier to upgrade the power supply than start a new design.  By careful selection of components, detailed design of the magnetic components as well as improving the heat transfer  more power can be delivered in the same case.  To avoid thermal issues we aim to improve the efficiency so the total power dissipation doesn't increase significantly.

New Applications

Power supplies are often part of complex systems and often several power supplies are used within a system.  Understanding the power supply system design, regarding EMI, temperature, tolerances, safety and cost, can ensure that the optimal solution is found for your application.

Please contact us for an discussion about your needs.

A typical custom Power Supply designed by us: DC / DC converter for down hole drilling 300V to 150V input voltage range, Output 36V,  -10 to 125°C, 48W output, power limiting.

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